At VirtualEDU, we understand that a one-size-fits-all curriculum doesn't always meet each student's unique needs

In our K-12 online school community,, we draw on a variety of learning resources and tools because we believe in meeting the unique needs of each student. We gain a deeper understanding of your child as a learner and then we create a personalized learning path that meets them where they are and challenges them to advance.

We provide opportunities for students to take ownership over their learning goals which, in addition to receiving strong academic learning, helps them accelerate their time-management, self-regulation, self-reflection, and goal-setting skills.

A component of our individualized approach includes Project Based Learning (PBL) in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and meaningful projects. Compared to traditional learning structures, PBL offers a student-centered curriculum where students can dive deeper and engage more fully in authentic learning experiences.

Because PBL engages students in learning that is deep and long-lasting, it inspires them to a love of learning and a personal connection to their academic experiences. To explore more about PBL, click here.

Elementary Program at a Glance

  • Multiage learning: In our multi-age program, elementary students are able to move at their own pace providing a nurturing learning environment with support and guidance from an expert team of reachers.
  • Specials classes: Music, Spanish, Physical Education
  • Strong sense of community and affirming, connected environment encourage social-emotional development. 
  • Personalized learning provides self-paced learning opportunities for learning based on each student's needs. Students can dive deep or focus on areas where they need would like to spend more time. 
  • In-person opportunities are designed to enhance the already strong sense of community and enhance peer and teacher relationships.
  • Restorative practices encourage a positive school climate.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) with a focus on positive social change  builds students' creativity, confidence, and critical-thinking skills.

Secondary Program at a glance

  • Strong sense of school community and affirming, connected environment encourage social-emotional development.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) lets students to learn by engaging in real-world projects with a focus on positive social change.
  • Specials classes: Music, Spanish, Physical Education, Health
  • Student choice and flexible scheduling are core principles of our secondary program. Students are active participants in their learning, guided by skilled teachers who help them discover their passions, talents, growth areas, and strengths.
  • Opportunities for growth: student/teacher collaboration will include choosing between live virtual sessions or self-paced learning, which also supports time-management and goal setting. 
  • In-person opportunities for enhancing social connection.
  •  Restorative practices encourage student accountability while building a positive school climate.


K-12 VirtualEDU students experience a strong school community through restorative practices 

VirtualEDU approaches all aspects of learning from a restorative practice lens. For students to develop self-regulation skills, they need experience making choices and communicating around those choices. We weave restorative practices into both our online and in-person environments.

Restorative practices build community and strengthen relationships by providing students, families, and staff with intentional, inclusive, and respectful ways to engage with each other and respond to conflict.

Restorative practices also increase student agency, communication, and leadership skills. Focusing on positive connections and supportive resolutions contributes to a positive school climate and helps keep our students connected.   

It’s important to have a safe, comfortable space to share with others as we can come up with ways to better the world and people.

— Cheyanne, VirtualEDU Junior



What you can expect at VirtualEDU 

Students can expect:

  • A closely connected school community that values you
  • Starting your day in a community meeting with peers and teachers
  • Lunchtime opportunities to eat together online
  • Specials classes like Spanish, P.E., Health, and Music
  • Flexible options offered throughout the school day with teacher guidance to meet your needs and help you set and reach your goals
  • Opportunities to have choice over your learning day
  • Regular in-person opportunities for connection and fun with the school community and your classmates
  • Ending your day in a community meeting with peers and teachers

Parents/Caregivers can expect:

  • Passionate, caring educators who meet students where they are and inspire them to reach their full potential
  • Multiple curriculum approaches to personalize learning for your student based on their individual needs
  • Project based learning with a focus on making positive change in the world
  • Regular communication about your student's progress and what's coming up at VirtualEDU
  • Student athletic and extra-curricular activity opportunities. 
  • Specials classes: Spanish, P.E., Music, and Health
  • In-person opportunities to make connections with other families and students
  • A new way of doing school that is forward thinking and research driven 
Teacher and elementary student smiling in a classroom