How We're Different

VirtualEDU is different from typical online programs. Its closely connected school community and curriculum are carefully designed to provide a nurturing learning environment and prepare students to be future change makers. 

Why VirtualEDU?

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Online, but Not Alone

VirtualEDU is breaking the myth that online learning is cold and impersonal with their human-centered, dynamic learning-environment. Scholars start each day in community with their classmates with live team-building activities and check-ins that foster a healthy and productive school climate.

Lessons are offered in three ways — synchronous classes where students engage in a live lesson taught by a VirtualEDU staff member, asynchronous learning where scholars work through self-paced, interactive lessons and guided support with opportunities to meet with their teacher for real-time support and guidance.  

A VirtualEDU teacher teaching an online class.

Our Space

VirtualEDU's campus in Golden Valley is located at the Hopkins East building at 5300 Glenwood Ave. Blended students use the space to learn on their designated in-person days, but it also serves as a gathering space for all students during VirtualEDU Community Socials, another way VirtualEDU fosters connection between classmates. 

The space within the school VirtualEDU.
The space within the school VirtualEDU.
The space within the school VirtualEDU.
Three students work on iPads around a table.

Project Based Learning

VirtualEDU uses project based learning, a student centered approach that allows scholars to work on relevant, real-world problems in their classes. This model places a high importance on student interests and centers content in personal and global relevance.

In each VirtualEDU unit, scholars will be assessed using a project (rather than an exam). Scholars will have a choice both in the focus of their project, and in the modality. For example, during a unit on Human Rights, students would choose a human right to focus on, and could choose to create a video, essay, or website to demonstrate their learning.

Specialist Classes (Art, World Language, P.E., Music, and more)

Each day, VirtualEDU scholars engage with a specialist on a weekly rotation who provides rich learning experiences tied to course standards, academic goals, and student well-being. Specialist topics may include; music, media literacy, physical education and health, art, social-emotional learning, or Spanish.

A student playing an outdoor instrument.
Two students painting in VirtualEDU's art class.
A group of students playing outside.

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