Registration required for transportation in the 2024-25 school year

Registration required for transportation in the 2024-25 school year

In the 2024-25 school year we will require all families to register for transportation. This change is in response to input we received in our mid-year family and staff survey asking us to explore better-aligned dismissal times for North Middle School, West Middle School, and Hopkins High School. 

To determine if this is possible, we need to know which families will need transportation for next year and then we will set up bus routes only for those families. Routing with greater efficiency may help us afford the cost of better aligned dismissal times. 

All families with enrolled students for the 2024-25 school year should have received a required transportation registration form. This was sent on May 10 (and resent on May 16) through email and was called “Please Complete Your Child’s 2024-25 Transportation Registration.” It is very important that you complete this form because we will only provide transportation to those who indicate they need it.  If you did not receive an email, check your spam or junk email. The survey emailed to you has your student’s information already filled in and will be much easier to fill out. However, if you cannot find the form, you can use this blank form.

Again, your participation will allow us to route with precision, thereby helping us determine if we can run our secondary buses on the same tier to offer aligned start and end times at those three schools. The closing date for the form is May 24. 

We understand that this is a new process and families may have questions. We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document for your reference. We are committed to ensuring this transition will be smooth for our students and families. Thank you for your participation!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Registration Form 

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